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“Go Fight For What?” Book

As an experienced conflict mediator, I am always disappointed in young people’s choice to physically fight instead of talking out their differences. I have put out many “fires” in my office as I facilitate successful mediations between students in conflict. Sometimes, however, students are brought to me after a physical altercation has already occurred—after they have found themselves caught between two extremes, be punked or fight it out…  Often, the question to me is, “What was I supposed to do?”

Contending that there are definite and positive ways to resolve conflicts without resorting to the barbaric tactic of physically fighting, I’ve endeavor to answer that question as often as possible.  However, I eventually came up with a question of my own……………Go Fight For What?                                      

Why is fighting a preferred method of handling disputes? What do you gain or attain by fighting? What do you get for those black eyes, bloody noses, slaps and gut punches?  What do you achieve by stomping, kicking, tossing and banging with people? Does anyone ever win?  Nowadays, young people want a ‘second round’ if you get the best of them.  If there is a tie, then what?  When does it end?

This book challenges the popular thinking among girls and young women who are all too comfortable demonstrating their anger and disagreements in aggressive manners which in many cases leads to verbal and/or physical altercations. Lives have been lost, permanent scars left, arrests and imprisonment has become the fate of many as a result of physical fights.

The words of numerous great and notable people have been used to help get my point across.  Check out the Chapter titles within this book chosen purposefully to captivate and sustain the attention of the reader. Each chapter ends with the (Go Fight For What?) #GFFWchallenge for the reader to Pause & Ponder.

In addition, this book helps the reader confront anger issues and self-esteem. You learn that you do not have to go running around chasing down every negative word spoken about you and that you can put some RESPECT on your own name.  You learn to command, not demand, respect and never have to resort to the antiquated way- like cavemen- of physically fighting.  

This book is full of quotes and antidotes to stimulate the mind of the reader.

Go Fight For What? Is divided into 3 parts covering all of the basics of Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

Part one: Why all the violence and physical fighting? (social awareness and relationship skills)

Part two: How can anger be controlled? (anger management, conflict resolution, and responsible decision making)

Part Three:  How do I command respect?  (self-awareness, self-management, and Positive self-esteem)